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Enhance your photographs and make them look more romantic
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Romantic Photo can enhance photographs, particularly those showing loving couples. The program uses filters to change the atmosphere of the picture and make it look more romantic. The product is definitely not intended for photography experts but common users, and, luckily, its interface has been designed accordingly. The program supports only a few picture formats (JPG, PNG and TIFF), which means that other popular extensions, such as BMP, are excluded.

Despite Romantic Photo is not meant to be complex or sophisticated, it does create nice effects practically with a single click. Loading a picture is quite simple: it can be dragged and dropped onto the working area or chosen via the Get Photo command. It is shame, though, that you cannot process batches of files at the same time. The tool comes with multiple presets that you can simply choose and preview what the effects look like. Moreover, if they are not exactly what you need, you can easily tune them and save them in case you need to reuse them. Likewise, it is allowed to use other tools, such as effect brushes, cropper and borders. Although there is a button that lets you preview the original picture to compare the changes, it would be nice if there was the possibility of comparing the original and the modified pictures side by side.

All in all, the main strength of Romantic Photo is that of usability: it can be used by any type of user whatsoever. Besides, the results look quite nice and are achieved with minimum effort. However, it certainly lacks the sophistication and versatility you can find in other photo enhancers. The product is part of a family of similar tools, most of them with quite specific purposes. It can be tried at no cost but with the limitation that the resulting image cannot be saved in any way.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • Intended for all types of users
  • A long list of nice effects
  • Modify and save presets


  • Lacks sophistication and versatility
  • Batch processing not supported
  • Not many supported formats
  • No side-by-side comparison
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